Telephone Referral system     453-1301 EXT. 0

Effective May 1st, 2012

1.   Job calls will be listed on a recorder after 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday

2.   Any member currently on the out-of-work list who is interested in one or more of the available jobs, shall make him/herself available to the union hall by the following method: call the recorder between 4:15 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. If there are any available jobs that you are interested in, leave your name and phone number where you can be reached at and which job or jobs you are available for.

3.  Jobs will be filled by the hall between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. by the order the interested qualified registrants appear on each of the out-of-work lists beginning with Group I, then Group II, etc. You are expected to be at the telephone number left on the recorder, if you are not, referral will continue down the list of members who have called in to the recorder until the jobs are filled. If a member is working out of town or needs to be contacted in an alternate manner please indicate this in your message.  Should the Business Manager not fill the call(s) from interested registrants, he will call through the list beginning with Group I and issue refusals to registrants choosing to pass.

4. Three job refusals will result in being rolled off the books, requiring re-registration. All registrants that could have been referred but chose to pass on the job offered will automatically be issued a refusal. (Not applicable to residential or low commercial rate jobs or to jobs known to be less than 5 days duration)

5. The Business Manager reserves the option to issue a refusal to a registrant responding to a referral and subsequently refusing the call and reserves the option to issue up to 3 refusals for a registrant who accepts a call and fails to show up.

6.  The union, its officers, agents, and representatives undertake no obligation to search for, or by no means locate a member on the out-of-work list who is not at the phone number they leave on the recorder.

7.   If you are on the out-of-work list, and interested in working in the Local, it is your responsibility to call the recorder between the hours of 4:15 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. for a list of the available jobs.

8.   The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as need by employers. Any unfilled calls will be filled at the Business Manager’s discretion. In case of an emergency, referral may be made outside normal hours using necessary means.

How to initially register for the “Out of Work list”

The Business Manager shall maintain an “Out of Work List” which shall list the applicants within each Group in chronological order of the dates they register their availability for employment. (If a member is on furlogh and waiting to see if any additional work will come up in the next few weeks will not be backdated on the list)

Members may call in or may come in in person to be added to the out of work list.

( The union steward will call in all of the names of the persons laid off )

The Business Manager will accept initial signs by fax from reciprocating IBEW local unions.

Members are considered unemployed when they apply for or are receiving unemployment benefits from any state.

An applicant who has registered on the “Out of Work List” is required to resign once a month between the 10th and 16th to keep their place on “The List” by one of the following methods: in person, by mail, fax or email.  Phone 207-453-1301 ext 20, Fax 207-453-1303, E-mail or

Resigns will require the following information: Name, address, home local # and IBEW card # (or if not a member then drivers license or Government approved ID).

An applicant who is hired and who receives, through no fault of his or her own less than 25 business days employment (accumulted in one or more referrals-weekends and holidays are not counted) will keep his or her appropriate place within his Group.  After 25 business days accumulative the applicant then shall be taken off the list. Any applicant requesting a layoff in order to stay within the 25 day time frame will be rolled to the bottom of the list.

Employers shall advise the Business Manager of the Local Union of the number of applicants needed.  The Business Manager shall refer applicants to the Employer by first referring applicants in Group I in the order of their place on the “Out of Work List” and then referring applicants in the same manner successively from the “Out of Work List” in Group II, then Group III and then Group IV.  Any applicant who is rejected by the Employer shall be returned to his appropriate place within his Group and shall be referred to other employment in accordance with the position of his Group and his place within the Group.

Exceptions which shall be allowed in this order of referral include the following:

a.  When the Employer states bona fide requirements for special skills and abilities in his request for applicants, the Business Manager shall refer the first applicant on the register possessing such skills and abilities.

b.  The age ratio clause in the Agreement calls for the employment of an additional employee or employees on the basis of age.  Therefore, the Business Manager shall refer the first applicant on the register satisfying the applicable age requirements provided, however, that all names in higher priority Groups, if any, shall first be exhausted before such  reference can be made.

c. The Business Manager will refer certified applicants requested as foreman (call by name)

per bargaining agreement.

d. The Business Manager reserves the right to refer applicants as steward.

e. The Business Manager will refer applicants qualifying for recall per bargaining agreement.

A copy of the Referral Procedure set forth in this Agreement shall be posted on the Bulletin Board

in the offices of the Local Union.

  Apprentices referred on training assignments shall be hired and transferred in accordance with the apprenticeship provisions of the Agreement between the parties.

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