IBEW 1253

176 Main St., Fairfield, ME 04937 (207) 453-1301


Chuck Fraser

Chuck Fraser Business Manager Financial Secretary (207) 453-1301

Chuck Fraser
Business Manager
Financial Secretary
(207) 453-1301

Chuck Fraser is the Business Manager/Financial Secretary of IBEW 1253.  A 22 year member of Local 1253, Chuck promotes our proven skills, efficiency and safety record while advocating for a decent standard of living.  Feel free to call Chuck at the hall at 453-1301 or on his cell phone at (207) 441-0229.  His email is chuck@ibew1253.org.

Nick Paquet

Nick Paquet Director of Business Development   (207) 453-1301

Nick Paquet is the Director of Business Development and is a 15 year member and acting President of the local.  Nick is charged with building the size and strength of Local 1253.  If you want to join the best paid and most talented work force in the electrical industry, give him a call.  If you’re interested in employing a trained and capable  workforce to handle any job you’re bidding on with less hassles, give him a call at (207) 453-1301 or on his mobile phone at (207) 949-5755.  You can also reach Nick by emailing him at Nick@ibew1253.org.

Chris Trider

Chris Trider
Training Director
Electrical JATC
(207) 453-0135

Chris Trider is the Director of the Augusta Electrical JATC, and has been a member of the IBEW for 20 years.  He is in charge of all of the training programs for more than 250 electricians an apprentices.  If you have questions about our Apprenticeship or ongoing Journeyman training, call him at (207) 453-0135, or email him at chris@ibew1253.org.

Clara Burrill


Clara M. Burrill Administrative Assistant

Clara joined our Administrative Staff in April 2014. She has 20 plus years in the Administrative field and holds a BS in Business Administration from Thomas College. She will be happy to assist you with any of your inquiries. You can reach her at (207) 453-1301 or email her at clara@ibew1253.org.

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