Below is a list of contractors who are signatory to our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Many of them have websites you can visit, just click on the linked company name.

Arthur Ashmore Electric

Bay State Wiring

Central Maine Electric, LLC

Cube Electric

EMI Electric

Endure Electric

ESB Inc.

Hawkeye LLC.

Hillside Electric

JL Allen Co.

Lander Group

Larkin Enterprises

Leeds Electric

M&R Electric

Maine Automation Inc.

Marrikon Inc.

Mastercraft, Inc.

Matrix Service

McGuire Electric

Michels Power

Milliken Brothers Inc.

MLC Electric

Moulison North Corporation

Northline Utilities LLC

Richardson Electric

R & J Electric

Sullivan & Merritt

Three Phase Line Construction

Tozier’s Electric

United Electrical Systems

Waugh’s Mr. View Electric

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