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Book I

Welcome!  IBEW 1253’s Book I referral list is now on-line and available to l.u. 1253 members!

In order to view Book I, you’ll need to do a few things:

1)  Click the link below that says, “IBEW 1253’s Book I”.

2) Register an account.  You’ll need to use your card number and provide an email address you have access to.

3) Wait until your account is approved by the hall (this is done automatically and should take less than 24 hours during the regular business week).

4) Take the email you receive with your password and log-in to your new account (REMEMBER, this won’t work until your application is approved by the hall)!  You will have the option of changing the password once you log-in.  To get to the site from your profile page, click on “IBEW 1253” on the top-left side of the screen!

After you’ve completed these steps once, you shouldn’t have to do them again.

Click the link below to get started!

IBEW 1253’s Book I

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